Epitome  Kenya is  a private limited company registered in  Kenya. Its core  business is  to harness  the  economic  power  of  the  economically  active  by  transforming  and empowering  their  financial  status for holistic  human  development;  with  an  aim to achieve their desired goals through the provision of need driven financial products.

In a report by the Central Bank of Kenya, in the fiscal year 2014/2015, Commercial bank lending grew at a brisk pace exceeding the regulators targets of private sector credit expansion in nearly every month.  This credit growth has contributed to some demand pressures in the economy resulting in the rise in non-food non-fuel (NFNF) inflation, also called core inflation. Supported by other factors like the falling Kenya shilling in the same period has resulted in the higher inflation rates experienced.

Epitome Kenya seeks to provide more affordable savings  options than credit provision with higher returns on investments among the low and middle class who are highly affected by high inflation rates.



At Epitome Kenya we believe that providing relevant financial education and offering affordable investment options to low income and middle class people will help them create wealth and eventually alleviate poverty by utilizing the three pillars of Wealth Management:

– Wealth accumulation: This is gradual gathering, collecting or amassing of wealth either by employment salary or wages, contractual savings, Chamas and SACCOs contribution.

 Wealth growth and conservation: This is the investing and protecting the gathered wealth through prudent investment options. e.g share holding – dividends and capital gains, Fixed deposits, Mutual Funds – Unit trusts, Land, Property.

– Wealth distribution: This is the transfer of the accumulated & grown wealth to the next generation i.e. Beneficiary nomination, Retirement pension plan,  Trust Funds

Proverbs 13:22 A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children…


Our Dream

To be the preferred micro investment company in Africa


Our Mission

To provide and empower the community with relevant financial education through provision of affordable investment options..


Values (INUKA)

Integrity. We will endeavor to provide all our services in honesty and transparency.

Nurture. We will attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talent.

Uniformity/Consistent. We  will  maintain  a  unique  and  an  Unswerving  way  of  doing business  in  all  our  operations.  Develop  an” inuka” culture. (The  uplifting  culture).  Raise the bar and set the standards.

Knowledgeable: We will endeavor to have relevant and up to date industry information for the benefit of all the stake holders.

Association. We will establish mutual partnerships for the benefit of the stake holders.